We come from lots of different
places - but we’re all teenagers
and we all love music

Esther Beyer, Harp 

The adventure starts here

Playing in NYO can be a life-changing experience. As an NYO Musician, you make incredible music, try out new ideas with the brightest young musicians in the country, and work with accomplished tutors at an exceptionally high standard. But that’s not all. Being part of the Orchestra helps you develop as team players and young leaders, encourages you to pass on your skills to other teen musicians, and helps you become more confident in taking risks. Plus you’ll make some of the best friends you’ll ever meet along the way.



Being in the NYO reminds you that everyone matters, wherever they’re from. It’s a wonderful image of how music can bring out the best in people.

Georgia Hannant



Get the best from

your audition


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