Donations from trusts, foundations and major gifts from individuals help us to continue championing orchestral music as a powerful agent for teenage development.

The world is changing beyond measure for young people. Society is increasingly divisive. Our inclusive vision goes beyond exceptional musicianship to foster understanding, hope and creativity between young people from all backgrounds.

Together we can help thousands of teenagers grow their confidence, optimism and skills for life ahead through playing and sharing music.

Our pioneering spirit has made us a leader in high quality music education.

The evidence of our work with teenagers shows us that playing orchestral music together develops teenagers’ potential to play their part in life.

We have a track record for supporting young people to excel whatever their background and circumstances; by supporting their drive and aspiration, all young people can accelerate if they have the right opportunities.

We’re grateful to every supporter, grant-giver and philanthropist who supports our work.

Trusts and Foundations

From the very start charitable trusts and foundations have played a vital part supporting generations of teenagers to take their seat in the Orchestra.

In recent years they played a foundational role in supporting The National Youth Orchestra to tackle the structural barriers to musical progression that many young people face. Together we developed NYO Inspire, a significant programme for musical teenagers from state schools, and those from backgrounds underrepresented in orchestral music; specifically young black people and those from ethnic minorities.

NYO Inspire draws on the pro-social impact of NYO musicians as relatable role models to motivate other young people. In an increasingly divided society young people now need shared experiences and relatable role models more than ever.

Making a significant donation

We will ensure your personal donation supports a journey you want to enable, a problem you want to solve, and the change you are passionate to make.

A dedicated member of the Philanthropy Team will share regular updates and curate opportunities for insights to rehearsals, special events and performances.

We are proud to be working together with Art Council England and delighted to be supported as a National Youth Music Organisation.

We’re immensely grateful for the combined support of Arts Council England and the Department for Education, which contributes 9% of our overall income.

I had some of the best musical years of my life when I played in The National Youth Orchestra. They were obviously musically wonderful, but they were opportunities for universal life skills… finding how to make your way through life which aren’t the ways that you’re necessarily taught in school.
Alison Balsom

Stories from our teenagers

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