The Orchestra

At the heart of our community and celebrated as ‘the world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers’, these 160 teenagers play epic music and shape shift into different ensembles. And they play their part as changemakers for their generation.

Meet our Musicians

Meet the 158 teenage musicians who through their love of music, and their commitment and talents, play their part in a cutting-edge orchestra that speaks to their generation.

Experience the music

Enjoy the electric energy and extraordinary skill of The National Youth Orchestra with videos of recent concerts and performances.

Our teenage musicians from different backgrounds across the nation come together to surprise and delight music-loving audiences in concert halls, communities and online.

Our Alumni

See all the extraordinary musicians who have played a part in the orchestra since it was founded in 1948. 

All our alumni are welcome to keep in touch and remain valued members of the NYO community.

The NYO Adventure: find out about how we work

Take a look behind the scenes and find out what makes joining the NYO community, the greatest adventure in orchestral music.

From the exceptional challenges to the opportunities to inspire others, it’s an exciting and growing community to be part of. 

Stories from our musicians