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Grants from trusts and foundations enable NYO to provide exceptional and transformative musical experiences to our young members and through them, to inspire young musicians and build diverse new audiences nationwide. Trusts and foundations make a real difference by helping us raise the funds necessary to continue delivering a wider cultural value and legacy as the UK’s leading
youth orchestra.



NYO depends on grants from trusts and
foundations to support our Training Scholarships
and Means-tested Bursaries, through which
we provide exceptional and transformative
musical experiences to talented young musicians
regardless of their financial circumstances.

It costs NYO £6000 per player to provide each
of our 165 members with the excellent and life-changing experiences they receive across three
rehearsal residencies and a UK concert tour.
NYO’S Training Scholarships provide every
player with a significantly subsidised place in our
exceptional ensemble. Fees for NYO 2015 are

£1,788 per place. This is benchmarked and represents high value. Our Means-tested Bursaries
resource completely free places for players
who are unable to meet the costs of their fees.
Applications must demonstrate financial need and
are assessed by NYO Governors.

By funding our Training Scholarships and
Means-tested Bursaries, our trust and foundation
supporters make a meaningful difference. Grants
towards this valuable initiative enable NYO to
nurture the musicianship and leadership skills of
our talented young members, in turn benefiting
other young musicians and audiences nationwide.


What you learn at NYO is
matchless: not just how to be a
better musician but how to be a
r team player, how to be
more confident and take risks.
How to achieve things you never
thought possible

NYO 2013 Means-tested Bursary recipient, aged 16


NYO Inspire

NYO Inspire Days empower our talented young
players to share their skills and passion with
other young musicians across the UK. At each
NYO Inspire Day NYO Musicians peer-lead workshops and rehearsals with young people where our residencies are based. This culminates in
celebratory concerts, in which NYO Musicians play alongside NYO Inspire Musicians they have mentored during the day, bringing the inspirational sound of ensemble endeavours in excellence to community audiences.

By funding NYO Inspire Days, our trust and
foundation supporters make a real difference.
Grants towards this important initiative enable
us to unlock the wider cultural impact and
legacy of the orchestra, nurturing young leaders,
disseminating our unique peer-learning ethos
and taking the orchestra’s inspirational sound out
to new and diverse audiences.


I enjoyed playing challenging
music with a talented orchestra. I
have learnt to be more confident
in my musical playing. Learning
about NYO’s approaches from a
member’s perspective was really

Participant in NYO 2013 Inspire Day 
Aged 16


Each year the orchestra includes a team of
talented composer-members who participate in the
Composers’ Scheme. Delivered during the three
rehearsal residencies, the Composers’ Scheme
supports talented young musicians to compose
their own musical works and to peer-lead fellow
members of the orchestra in rehearsals of these
original compositions. Composer-members’ new
pieces are premiered through pre and post concert

performances as part of NYO’s UK tour.

By funding NYO’s Composers’ Scheme, our
trust and foundation supporters make a real
difference. Grants towards this innovative
scheme enable NYO to invigorate the art-form
by nurturing exceptional composers, generating
new contemporary repertoire and inspire young


I really enjoyed leading
workshops and rehearsals of my
orchestral piece ‘Pools’ with the
other NYO musicians. Having my
short piece played by the 165-
person ensemble was ridiculously

NYO 2013 composer-member
Aged 17


Each year NYO members participate in three
rehearsal residencies and concert programmes,
based in our partnership areas, including London,
the Midlands and the North East. During our
regional residencies we empower our talented
players to peer-lead workshops and concerts with
local young musicians and to perform in public
spaces, community settings and prestigious

NYO has to fundraise £300,155 to deliver each
regional residency and concert programme,

representing 33% of the costs to deliver all three
residencies and concert tour.

By funding NYO’s regional residency activity,
our trust and foundation supporters make a
real difference. Grants towards this exceptional
provision enable us to deliver lasting benefits
to our talented members and to young musicians
and audiences from across our partnership areas.
Through our regional activity we add significant
value to the ongoing work of our partners and help
raise the cultural profile of locations.


I think NYO members are great
players and should be very proud.
This day has inspired me very
much and I hope I can be as good
as them one day.

Local young musicians from Durham 
Aged 12

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