"NYO is just awesome. All of it. The people, the concerts, the passion and the joy and excitement of the courses."
Lawrence,  NYO Musician



What is NYO Inspire?

NYO Inspire is our programme designed to widen access to orchestral music for those musicians traditionally underrepresented in the sector: musicians in state education, and musicians who are Black, Asian or ethnically diverse. If this sounds like you, and you play at Grade 6 or above then we’d like to invite you to fill in an application form. 


Grade 8 Musicians: 

If you play at Grade 8 standard, we would like to invite you apply to be part of our expanded NYO Inspire activity through this same application form: this includes musicians who would have hoped to audition for NYO this year. Opportunities for Grade 8 musicians are open to all teenagers, regardless of where you are educated. In addition there may be opportunities for successful applicants to take part in NYO activity throughout the year. 


If you play at Grade 8 & above and have submitted your NYO Inspire application, you will be asked to submit a video as part of your application. We’ll use these videos to get to know how you play and help us assign you to musical activities across the year. To download your instrument-specific information sheet, please visit this page.


What will it cost?  

Some of our activity across the year will have a fee attached, but we have a generous bursary scheme for any musician who needs financial support to take part with specific funds available for NYO Inspire eligible musicians. 


What will the activity be? 

NYO Inspire activity will include a mixture of digital and in-person events and residencies. Some activity will be targeted at those playing at certain grades, and there will be a mixture of orchestral, creative and ensemble projects. 


More dates will be shared as planning progresses but some initial dates we are looking at include: 

January – August    Digital projects 

13– 23 February        Regional projects 

7– 18 April                     NYO and NYO Inspire: Orchestral Residencies (3-5 days) 

29 May – 7 June        NYO Inspire: Ensembles Residencies 

25 July – 8 August   NYO and NYO Inspire: Orchestral residencies (8-14 days) 


The deadline for applications is 30 November 2020.  


If you’d like to find out more about the year ahead we are planning in consultation with NYO and NYO Inspire musicians, we’ll be running an online ‘Open Evening’ with musicians, to give you and your parents an opportunity to ask questions, say hello, and get to know us a little better before you submit your application. This Open Evening will be on 24 November at 6pm until 8pm. To join, click the Zoom meeting on this link on the night.



Apply for NYO Inspire 2021

NYO Inspire is bigger than ever before: submit your application by 30 November 2020 for a year of musical opportunities 


Our musical activity looks a little different this year, but our message is the same: if you were hoping to join NYO 2021, or if you are eligible to take part in NYO Inspire, we want to hear from you!  


We are determined to meet as many of you as possible, and create as many opportunities as we can for you to meet each other, share your skills, and create great music together. 


We’re doing this by expanding NYO Inspire to make it bigger than ever before, with more musicians and more projects than in previous years.  




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