What NYO Inspire projects are there in 2020?

NYO Inspire Day is on 20 September 2020. NYO Inspire Ensembles are 3-day projects from 15-23 February 2020. NYO Inspire Orchestra will take place on 1-10 July 2020.


Where does NYO Inspire take place?

NYO Inspire projects take place across the country. NYO Inspire Ensembles for 2020 took place in Liverpool, and NYO Inspire Day will take place in Sheffield.


How do I apply to take part in NYO Inspire Days?

You can apply via our website here. Applications for our NYO Inspire Days are now open. NYO Inspire is specifically targeted to musicians who have limited orchestral opportunities to access further orchestral opportunities. We also target musicians who are underrepresented in NYO and the professional orchestra sector from state education and those from BAME backgrounds. 

If I have signed up for NYO Inspire Day, when will I get information/confirmation about the day?

We send emails four weeks before the day to confirm your place on the NYO Inspire Day. This email includes information about arrivals, departures, music, tutors, what to expect and other handy tips. We have a limited number of spaces and if you aren’t allocated a spot, you’ll receive an email saying you’ve been put on a reserve list.


How do I attend NYO Inspire Ensembles?

You can apply via our website here. NYO Inspire Ensembles is specifically targeted to musicians who have limited orchestral opportunities to access further orchestral opportunities. We also target musicians who are underrepresented in NYO and the professional orchestra sector from state education and those from BAME backgrounds.


How do I attend the NYO Inspire Orchestra?

NYO invites musicians that we have already met at NYO Auditions, NYO Inspire Ensembles, and NYO Inspire Days to join NYO Inspire Orchestra – so make sure you sign up to one of those to register an interest.


I submitted an application but I haven’t received a confirmation, what do I do?

Sometimes the confirmation email will go into your junk/spam folder of your email. Please check there. If you still haven’t found it, please contact inspire@nyo.org.uk and we will be able to check for you.


What will I gain from attending an NYO Inspire project?

NYO Inspire is your chance to take your playing to the next level and get that breakthrough orchestral experience. At the heart of the programme is the power of peer inspiration and learning—we believe you can gain so much from open exchange and sharing with fellow teenage musicians. To find out more about experiences of NYO Inspire musicians, click here.

Why is the NYO Inspire application form so long?

We ask a lot of information on the NYO Inspire application forms to find out more about you and your background in order to give us a well-rounded picture of orchestral teenage musicians in the UK and ensure that we make the most accurate decisions we are able to.



I’m a music teacher, how do I find out more about your work?

At all NYO, NYO Inspire and NYO Open activity, we encourage music teachers, peripatetic teachers and music professionals to join us to find out how we operate and discuss how we can support each others work. You can find out more here


I’m part of an organisation and would like to know more about NYO Inspire, how do I do this?

Partnerships are vital to NYO Inspire – every music service and hub engaged with NYO can nominate musicians onto the programme and every organisation is consulted throughout the year. To find out more and discuss how to be part of the programme contact Rachel Long, Producer, Inspire on r.long@nyo.org.uk.



Am I eligible?

If you are aged 13-18 and are playing at a Grade 6 or above level on your instrument, you are eligible to take part in NYO Inspire. NYO Inspire Days are allocated on a first come first served basis and NYO Inspire Ensembles are primarily targeted at those musicians that need the opportunity.


Do you ever allow musicians under the age of 13?

NYO Inspire projects are aimed at teenagers. If there are any sections that are not completely full on NYO Inspire Days a week before the event, we will accept 12 year olds to the project.


What standard do I need to be?

Grade 6 or above on your instrument.



How much does it cost to come to NYO Inspire?

All NYO Inspire projects are free to participate in.


Can I be reimbursed for my travel expenses?

We ask for you to be able to pay to get to the project venue yourselves. If you are unable to afford to get to a project, please contact us on inspire@nyo.org.uk and we can look into what support we may be able to offer.


Will I need to take time off school?

Sometimes our dates clash with some school activity. We try our best to schedule NYO Inspire projects in the school holidays. If you have to miss school and are having trouble getting time off we are more than happy to talk to the school and send a letter of support if required.


Can my parents come and watch a performance?

Yes! At every NYO Inspire project, we have a sharing performance for family and friends to watch free of charge. You’ll be sent this information before you join us.


Is accommodation provided?

Yes we will provide accommodation for you, if you’re attending an NYO Inspire residency.



How do I get involved in more NYO activity?

We offer £5 tickets to NYO concerts for anybody aged under 25 and run NYO Teen Hangout events before our concerts where you can meet NYO musicians and relax with other young people. As a ticketholder, you can also take part in one of our free pre-concert NYO Come and Play activities, which is a chance to play alongside NYO musicians and pick up some NYO tips and techniques, before enjoying the concert. Find out more about our upcoming concerts and related events click here.


How do I get added to your mailing list?

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