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Our spring so far
Bruce Parris, Joint Principal Bassoon


Hi there! My name is Bruce and this is my third year as a NYO Musician of the bassoon section. After a short Winter Residency, it has been great being able to spend an extended period of time with the rest of the orchestra this spring, getting to know each other both musically and socially. 


The rehearsal process has been a particularly exciting one this residency, with Gerry Cornelius returning to expertly prepare the orchestra for rehearsals with Kristjan Järvi. It has been fascinating to watch Kristjan’s interpretation of Stravinsky’s The Firebird take shape during full rehearsals, and we have even done some ballet dancing to enrich our understanding of the music. 


One of the things that makes being in the orchestra so wonderful is having the opportunity to learn from the NYO Tutors, whose insight and knowledge have been invaluable in helping us through the repertoire and in improving us as players, which has been especially useful given the challenging music. 


The concert tour begins tonight at the Royal Festival Hall and for the first time it will be streamed live so be sure to watch and have a listen. I’m sure our Spring concerts will be some of our most exciting yet, so do come along. There will be ‘fireworks’!

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