How old do I need to be?   

The NYO Community is open to teenagers, but if you don't quite fit that age bracket, we would encourage you to get in touch with us before you apply: email auditions@nyo.org.uk; we are likely to get in touch with you directly if you would benefit from the experience but are just outside the age parameters. 


Will I need to take time off school? 

Sometimes our dates clash with some school activity. We try our best to schedule NYO & NYO Inspire projects in the school holidays. If you have to miss school and are having trouble getting time off, we are more than happy to talk to the school and send a letter of support if required. 



Can I apply on more than one instrument? 

For NYO, yes – but please make a separate application for each instrument, using the same login details. For NYO Inspire, there is an option within the application for you to tell us about other instruments you’d like to be considered on. 



I've not taken Grade 8 yet, can I apply? 

We use graded exams as a benchmark but there is no need to have taken the exam before applying. NYO is specifically for musicians playing at the highest standard but if you are concerned about the level of your playing, take a look at the orchestral excerpts and see if they are about the right standard. You can find these here.  If you are concerned, you can email: auditions@nyo.org.uk

NYO Inspire is specifically for musicians playing at any level from around Grade 6 standard, but again, this is a benchmark level. NYO opportunities are for musicians who are state-educated, home-schooled, or who are Black, Asian or ethnically diverse. You can find out more at https://www.nyo.org.uk/inspire



How much does it cost?

No musician will be limited from taking part in NYO activity due to their financial means. There is a cost attached to being in NYO, although NYO is a charity so this amount is heavily subsidised thanks to our community of generous donors. Auditions and applications are free, and bursaries are available for any musician who gets a place in NYO but who cannot afford the fee.

NYO Inspire activity is always free.



I want to apply for NYO & NYO Inspire, can I apply for both?

You are welcome to apply for both NYO & NYO Inspire. Not everyone who auditions for NYO gets a place in the orchestra, so any musician who is eligible for NYO Inspire activity will automatically be allocated onto NYO Inspire projects if they are not selected for NYO projects.


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