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Three times a year in the major school holidays, NYO's teenage musicians gather for intensive periods of rehearsing and performing together. With communal living, communal aspiration and communal achievement at their heart, these Residencies are an extraordinary chance to grow as a musician and develop skills and friendships that last a lifetime. During the 8-14 days they spend together, our members are taught and led by our world-class tutors and conductors, share approaches to practice and playing, and combine thought-provoking study with creative activities such as singing and dance that enable musicians to internalise the music with really positive outcomes. It's hard work – but through it, the group transforms from diverse individuals into a focused, vibrant team.  

NYO is committed to excellence in performance, as demonstrated in the orchestra’s thrilling world-class concerts. We develop our young musicians as inspirational music leaders and ambassadors, ready to share the sound and excitement of NYO with teenagers across the UK, through performance and workshops. And NYO finds all sorts of surprising ways to introduce the widest possible public to the music they love. It's this combination of responsibility, passion and dedication that makes the NYO residencies such a vital experience.

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At the start we played as 164 individuals, but now we blend as an ensemble – because we spend time with each other outside rehearsal.

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