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My Year in NYO InspirE


​Hi! I'm Bridget and I play the oboe. This year I took part in NYO Inspire for the first time. In February, I went to the NYO Inspire Wind Ensemble Residency where I was one of sixteen in the oboe section! I really enjoyed being part of such a big section and I learnt a lot from the other teenage musicians and our excellent tutor, Melinda Maxwell. 


About a month later, I was excited to learn that I would have the opportunity to go on a ten-day residency for NYO Inspire Orchestra. The NYO Musicians were really helpful and, as on the previous residency, it was amazing to see the standard they had reached as they were not much older than me. The music from La Strada – a suite based on the film score by Nino Rota – was really exciting to play and we watched the film which further enhanced our understanding of the piece. It was great to meet so many teenage musicians from around the UK who all shared the same passionate enthusiasm for music.


The last four days were a major highlight for me. We ran various musical workshops and performed in schools, art venues, and a youth centre. During the workshops we led, I learnt a lot about leadership. It was a big challenge to find activities that suited the teenage musicians that were of different playing levels, but it was also very rewarding and a lot of fun.



At each venue, performing to teenage audiences was really enjoyable as they were full of such energy and enthusiasm. NYO Inspire has been an incredible experience and makes me want to be the best oboe player I can be and to share music to as wide an audience as possible. 




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