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My NYO Inspire Story
Violist Nimat reflects on her experience in nyo inspire

'I began taking part in NYO Inspire at the age of 17. I wanted to be a role model to other teenagers and share advice on playing techniques. Playing alongside others with a similar interest in music and similar social interests made the environment friendly and relaxed. Meeting teenage musicians from across the UK exposed me to many different backgrounds and cultures. It’s amazing how two people can have completely different upbringings, yet one thing that makes them similar is their passion for music-making. I made friends who live miles away from me!


By taking part in NYO Inspire activities, my playing massively improved. I learned how to blend my sound, become one with an orchestra, and many instrumental techniques. A major highlight of my experience was being Co-Principal at an NYO Inspire Day with Gustavo Dudamel and shaking his hand! It inspired me to keep practising so that one day I could end up in that position professionally.



I was a presenter for NYO Inspire Orchestra which was my favourite moment because I really displayed the confidence that I had developed over the year. It was overwhelming and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my peers and NYO tutors.


Before NYO Inspire, I was very shy, too afraid to voice my opinion or have an input in any situation, musical or otherwise. Taking part in these activities has helped develop my character immensely. NYO Inspire encouraged me to have a voice and grow as an individual. I’m now studying Music at Royal Holloway University in London and hope to become a professional player. My NYO Inspire experiences have pushed me even further in this direction.'



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