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My NYO Inspire experience
nyo musician elin reflects on participating in nyo inspire activities 

'My first experience with NYO was through NYO Inspire, and it was this which originally motivated me to pursue music further and audition for NYO. Returning as an NYO musician to the NYO Inspire Orchestra made me realise how important it is to act as a role model for my peers and share my passion for orchestral music in schools to other young people, many of whom hadn't heard an orchestra performing live before.


NYO Inspire Orchestra was a fantastic experience; getting to know many different people and play amazing music with them was something I'll never forget. In the orchestra everyone is working towards the same goal helping us to produce the best of our ability. I met people that I will stay great friends with and we're already organising to meet up again. I love the idea that many of the NYO Inspire musicians I met on the residency will go on to play in NYO and these activities help them integrate with NYO musicians, so their first experience of NYO is inclusive and enjoyable.


One of the most inspiring moments for me was going into secondary schools around the UK and leading workshops with the students. This is where you can see the biggest impact, motivating young people to pick up an instrument and changing their life for the better! I have loved sharing my passion with NYO Inspire and young people in the schools; it never fails to put a smile on my face and theirs.'


If you are, or you know, a committed teenage musician who needs access to further orchestral opportunities and plays at Grade 6-8 (or equivalent), find out how you can learn with us in exciting activities across the country. Apply here: nyo.org.uk/inspire - it’s free!

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