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Inspire Wind Ensemble
Deronne White, Inspire Flute, on what he learned at our residency

​Hi! I'm Deronne White. I'm 17, a flautist and I attend Highbury Grove School in London. I was drawn to participate in the Inspire Wind Ensemble through auditioning for NYO and luckily being involved in the NYO music workshops that were held at my school. So I decided to join this current project to develop my musicianship and technique, as I believe that NYO is a perfect example in presenting an aspiration and very ideal standard in ensemble playing.

Throughout the residency, everyone was very determined and committed to playing the best that they could be. This involved practising techniques such as maintaining correct posture, having more control on breathing and being very expressive, especially with dynamics and articulation. Everyone was also able to power through the long rehearsals with lots of focus and stamina, despite some musicians feeling a bit fatigued. Fortunately, this was helped by effective warm ups and warm downs which were led by a few of the NYO Musicians at the start and end of each day.

Section night was a highlight for me during the residency. It allowed the different sections to closely bond with each other. The flute section enjoyed an exciting game of Trivial Pursuit, which in the end did not seem to be very complex to play out with 14 people! 

I am very glad that I participated in this Inspire Ensemble as I have made new friends, bonded more with some of the NYO Musicians and most importantly, I have significantly developed as a musician with methods and techniques that I will proudly take away from NYO Tutors and Musicians. I am also very happy that with everyone's involvement, our residency culminated with a spectacular and inspiring musical sharing for family and friends! 

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