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EDDIE CURTIS, INSPIRE BASS TROMBONE, on his First Few Days at our residency

Hi! My name is Eddie Curtis. I’m 16, a bass trombone player, and from Essex. I came to NYO Inspire Brass Ensemble to try and see what NYO life is like, and develop some of my playing techniques. Since being here I have already realised the importance of scales, and the musical techniques needed to play together and in tune. I have found sectional rehearsals to be particularly challenging. However they have also been very rewarding and I have learned skills that I can transfer to all pieces of music outside of the repertoire.

The NYO atmosphere has been friendly and very welcoming. Despite knowing a few of the orchestra musicians already, I have made several new friends, and gotten to know their playing styles and their NYO experience. I feel the residency so far has been a success, and I look forward to our closing musical sharing for family and friends!


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