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Apply for NYO Inspire 2017

NYO Inspire is your chance to take your playing to the next level and get that breakthrough orchestral experience. At the heart of the programme is the power of peer inspiration and learning—we believe you can gain so much from open exchange and sharing with fellow teenage musicians.

Through in-depth workshops, rehearsals, and public performances, these free events offer you the opportunity to develop your ensemble playing skills, meet enthusiastic musicians from across the country, and work closely with NYO Musicians and Tutors in a friendly and creative environment.

So, if you’re a committed teenage musician that needs more orchestral opportunities, come from a state school, and play at Grade 6 or above (or equivalent), apply today for NYO Inspire 2017 and experience transformative music-making.



NYO Inspire Ensembles
are 3-day residencies in orchestral family groups: Strings, Winds, Brass and Percussion. They are aimed at improving your musical technique and ability by tackling challenging repertoire and exploring ensemble playing. NYO Inspire Ensembles take place at the University of Liverpool and are specifically meant to give musicians, who have limited orchestral opportunities, a high-quality musical experience.

11 –13 Feb 2017    String & Brass Ensembles
                                      (violin, viola, cello, double bass,                                                 horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba)
15 –17 Feb 2017    Wind Ensemble
                                      (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)
18 –20 Feb 2017   String & Percussion Ensembles                                                   (violin, viola, cello, double bass,                                                  harp, percussion) 

NYO Inspire Day is an immersive one-day event of orchestral workshops and rehearsals, where you’ll play side-by-side with NYO Musicians.

18 Dec 2016    London
19 Mar 2017     North West, England
28 Jul 2017       West Midlands, England
24 Sep 2017    Yorkshire


How to Apply

Just complete our application form by 9am, Monday 24 Oct. By applying, you will be put forward for all NYO Inspire projects and will be allocated a project by December 2016. Please note that there are limited places available, and it is not guaranteed that you will have a place on the programme, but we make every effort to include as many musicians as possible.

It's Free!

NYO Inspire is for all teenage musicians who would benefit from the opportunity, irrespective of individual means. We will be funding all places, but as a charity, we have to raise over £1.5m every year to continue doing what we do. So, if you do have the means to contribute, we would be very grateful for your support.

You can donate online here or donate by cheque—please make the cheque payable to NYO, and post to NYO, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA. Your contribution gives teenagers a musical opportunity like no other. Thank you for your support. 

If you have any questions, just contact the NYO Inspire Team on inspire@nyo.org.uk.


NYO Inspire Day Leeds

Sun 25 September
10.30am - 6pm
University of Leeds

All spaces have been filled now,
but if you would like to be on the
waiting list, please just email



NYO Inspire Day is your chance to gain that breakthrough experience in orchestral music-making. 

Spend an immersive day in orchestral workshops and rehearsals centred around peer learning, and round it off with a musical sharing of teenage brilliance for family and friends. You’ll work closely with NYO Musicians, Tutors, and our Conductor. It’s all about taking your playing to the next level in this open environment that bursts with peer inspiration and sharing. 

If you’re aged 13-19 and playing at grade 6 or above, sign up now for your free place - just use the forms to the left. Spaces are limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis, so sign up as early as possible before the deadline.



See NYO Inspiration in Action

What NYO Inspire Orchestra got up to after performing a Shostakovich symphony 

NYO Inspire Orchestra - La Strada 



Fri 8 July 6pm
mac birmingham
More info here

Sun 10 July 4pm
Forest Arts Centre


Roll up, roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Experience the magnificent sight and sounds of a teenage orchestra, and go on a musical rollercoaster filled with spine-tingling music, drama and dance.

A theatrical performance of Nina Rota’s circus-themed piece La Strada from the Italian film by Federico Fellini. NYO Inspire Orchestra takes you on a  journey full of surprises that creatively integrates spoken word and movement.

This was part of 
NYO Inspire Orchestra's  4-day concert tour to schools, youth centres, and arts venues that brought live orchestral music to fellow teenagers and audiences of all backgrounds.  


It has given me an overwhelming positive frame of mind for my music-making and my life in general. It was an unforgettable adventure that is too great to be justified by one word alone.

Cameron Smith
Violin, NYO Inspire Orchestra 

What was NYO Inspire Orchestra like?

When I got the email about NYO Inspire Orchestra, I rushed to reply back. Having had lots of fun and experienced great musicianship on the NYO Inspire String Ensemble Residency earlier, I was very excited to see what could be done on a longer course. And I was not disappointed. Every aspect of NYO Inspire Orchestra was incredible. The players, tutors, conductor Duncan Ward and staff were all inspiring, and I loved the repertoire that we got to play and share with the schools we visited. 

Sectionals were a particular highlight due to our double bass tutor, Roberto Carillo-Garcia, and the amazing other bassists in the section. In Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 1, there were many challenging parts that Roberto helped us to take apart. Being a great orchestral player and teacher, he gave us the best fingerings and helped us with our orchestral technique. It was very sad when we had to say goodbye.

On our third day we had chamber groups. At first I was rather worried about being the only bass player in the group. However it turned out to be a great opportunity to work closely with different players and learn from another string tutor Kyra Humphries. I learned about the other musicians’ take on how parts of the Shostakovich symphony should be played, which developed my further understanding of the piece. 

When I heard that we were going to be having a dance class, my immediate thought was to run and hide. However once I realised that it would involve Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ (so we just had to get funky), I was more than willing to give it a go. It turned out to be a real laugh and I must say that the bass section was definitely the best at dancing! 

NYO Inspire is a chance to spread the word about the joy of music and our tour to local schools and youth orchestras did just that. It was extremely rewarding to see young people get their fingers around trickier parts and smile after they could suddenly play something. I hope that we were inspiring because it would be fantastic if more young people were encouraged to experience and play great classical music. We are its future!

Thea Sayer
Double Bass
NYO Inspire Orchestra



Meeting so many cool people, performing cool rep, and sharing our stories is something I will remember throughout my life. I just hope I am allowed back for another one!‚Äč

Tom Rocke
Horn, NYO Inspire Orchestra