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This year, NYO Inspire is bigger than ever! We are so pleased to be working with more than 700 musicians from across the UK, working as one big musical community made up of musicians playing at Grade 6+ standard.


We are determined to meet as many of you as possible throughout the year, and create as many opportunities as we can for you to meet each other, share your skills, and create great music together.    


What is NYO Inspire?

NYO Inspire provides orchestral opportunities to musicians who are underrepresented in the sector, which is why the opportunity is open to teenage musicians at Grade 6, 7 or 8 standard, who attend a state school, who are home schooled, or who are Black, Asian or ethnically diverse.


This year, we are expanding NYO Inspire to make it bigger than ever before, with more musicians and more projects than in previous years: musicians playing at Grade 8 standard or above are also welcome to apply, regardless of where you are educated. 


What will it cost?  

Some of our activity across the year will have a fee attached, but we have a generous bursary scheme for any musician who needs financial support to take part with specific funds available for NYO Inspire eligible musicians. 


What will the activity be? 

NYO Inspire activity will include a mixture of digital and in-person events and residencies. Some activity will be targeted at those playing at certain grades, and there will be a mixture of orchestral, creative and ensemble projects. 


More dates will be shared as planning progresses but some initial dates we are looking at include: 

January – August    Digital projects 

13– 23 February        Regional projects 

7– 18 April                     NYO and NYO Inspire: Orchestral Residencies (3-5 days) 

  25 July – 8 August   NYO and NYO Inspire: Orchestral residencies (8-14 days) 



NYO Inspire is for teenage musicians who would benefit most from the opportunity, irrespective of individual means, which is why we fund all places as a charity. This year, we are expanding the programme to include more projects, which may have a small fee attached, but we will also be launching a series of NYO Inspire bursaries alongside our means-tested bursaries to fund any musician who would otherwise be prevented from participating on financial grounds.


We have to raise over £1.5m every year to continue doing what we do so if you do have the means to contribute, we would be very grateful for your support. You can donate online here or by cheque—please make the cheque payable to NYO, and post to NYO, 10 Great Turnstile, London WC1V 7JU. Your contribution gives teenagers a musical opportunity like no other. Thank you for your support. 

  is a major sponsor of NYO Inspire.



My NYO Inspire Story: Deronne

Our flautist Deronne's transformative journey of peer learning and sharing.

NYO Inspire has been a life changing experience. Being inspired by other musicians with such a fiery passion has opened my heart to a million opportunities I want to pursue as a violinist.

Violin, NYO Inspire Orchestra 

Meeting so many cool people, performing cool rep, and sharing our stories is something I will remember throughout my life. I just hope I am allowed back for another one!‚Äč

Horn, NYO Inspire Orchestra 

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