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Forty brass players, the works of Rimsky-Korsakov, Grieg and Strauss all packed into three days.  NYO Inspire Brass Ensemble has begun!

I'm writing this blog post from my luxurious room in the historical Adelphi hotel after a very satisfying, albeit tiring, day of music-making with my fellow NYO Musicians and our Inspire Musician guests from over twenty one different music hubs, services, and organisations.

The day started out with welcome sessions conducted by members of the NYO support team and administrative staff before we welcomed our guests for lunch. Any nerves that were felt soon disappeared as we introduced ourselves and realised that this was a new experience for everybody!

The first tutti rehearsal started in true NYO style with warm-ups led by two other principals and me before we started working on the Strauss and the Grieg. We were all pleasantly surprised how well the ensemble sounded considering that we had only met an hour before and the improvements were clear even after a single two hour rehearsal.

As part of the activities this weekend, each section has sectionals with their specific tutor and for the tubas, we get to work with Ewan Easton of the Hallé Orchestra. If some of the section were still feeling a bit uncomfortable, a rousing performance of Baby Elephant Walk arranged for six tubas certainly helped them to settle in and relax.  We left the sectional chatting about what we had learned and feeling generally more inspired.  

We are all looking forward to the next few days of rehearsals leading up to the musical sharing for family and friends tomorrow, Monday evening, where all of our hard work will be showcased. I hope to see you there at the University of Liverpool!

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