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Teenagers are breaking down the barriers in orchestral music. Donate today to provide a one-to-one tutoring session for a young person ahead of their NYO audition.





Learning from NYO musicians gives you that little nudge, to keep on improving. You realise that could be you in a couple of years!

– Vicky Alvarez, NYO Inspire Percussion

Friendly, Fun, Free

To audition for NYO, you need to play an orchestral instrument at Grade 8 level. But you also need to show that you can blend with large ensembles, which usually means you're at a school with a well-funded music department. Not every talented teenager has had the chance to attend these schools or play with a high-level ensemble before auditioning for NYO. It can be hard to know how to play in an audition if you haven't had the support to prepare.


NYO strives to make orchestral music more accessible to teenagers from every background and is finding all kinds of ways to give extra support to teenagers who may not have had the same high-level musical education as others.


Between now and September NYO tutors are providing free 30 minute one-to-one tutoring sessions to help close the gap and give teenage musicians that extra help. With your support we can give potentially life-changing advice to teenagers who may otherwise never have the chance.


Could you help give one talented, nervous teenage musician, who has never done anything like an NYO audition before a confidence-boosting, thrilling experience?


£25 could give a teenage musician a one-to-one session with an NYO tutor, to help them prepare for the NYO audition they've been dreaming of


£140 could give a teenager, who has never done anything like the NYO audition before, a confidence-boosting, thrilling assessment day to help bring out their very best


£13 a month could add up to giving six young people a life-changing session with an NYO tutor in the coming year

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