NYO Inspire Day



NYO Inspire looks a litlle different this year: we have expanded our musical activity to include anyone who was hoping to audition for NYO in the coming year, and we will be holding one day projects physically and digitally, as restrictions allow.

We have published some initial dates for activities, in this page, with more dates shared as planning progresses.

NYO Inspire Day is your chance to take your playing to the next level and get that breakthrough orchestral experience. 

Spend an immersive day in workshops and rehearsals, focused on peer learning and sharing with NYO musicians. Through this open exchange, you’ll develop your ensemble playing skills and explore ways of listening, while experiencing the joys of orchestral music-making in a friendly and creative environment. You’ll then showcase what you’ve learned in a performance for family and friends. 

NYO Inspire Days take place across the country for teenagers playing at Grade 6-8 & above and participation is free.


NYO Inspire opens doors of opportunity to many… it’s what music is all about.

NYO musician Simone and NYO Inspire musician Cai  tell us why they think you should experience an NYO Inspire Day with us.

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