Too many talented cellists, flautists, percussionists - instrumentalists of all kinds - are now without opportunities at school to play in an orchestra, left playing on their own to their teacher, parents, and their bedroom wallpaper, as this wonderful music dries up in many state schools. 


Your support can provide a ladder of opportunities for immersing young musicians in the soaring experience of playing in a high-level orchestra for the first time, and ignite a life-long passion for the music you love.

Support a teenage musician playing the music you love






We'll be sharing the music with you


Many world-class orchestras have sought out musicians who were pushed to be all they could be in NYO. In this way, by supporting a teenage musician through NYO, you will be helping to shape the future of the music you love, and we look forward to sharing their wonderful music-making with you – live, and at home thanks to the internet. 


You will also be helping us to take this extraordinary music out into our neighbourhoods and schools so that more young people, who may never have heard live, high-quality orchestral music get to hear it, fall in love with it as you have, and feel inspired to search out more of it.


‘Music is an incredibly powerful force that can make profound change for the better, and if we can inspire other teenagers to be their best through music, that's a step in the right direction for all of us!’ – Chloe, Violin

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