We’re marking the start of a brand-new year of music making, kicking off the year with a spirit of positivity and optimism. We invited teenagers across the UK to sign up to play music with us, and an incredible 600 musicians put their faith in the power of the NYO community, committing to playing music together when so many other opportunities have been cancelled or changed. We want to catch these musicians before they fall, giving them the chance to meet each other, play together, and lift each other up through lockdown.


We are so pleased to be launching NYO Inspire 2021 with a UK-wide music making mission that is impossible to cancel, to lift the spirits and keep the momentum for teenage musicians all over the country.


Over 16 days, we are inviting 600 musicians to share in 16 live performances of the same piece, with others from their local area, celebrating the spirit of their hometowns and villages, and building connections with other like-minded musicians. The piece, Jigsaw, composed by Dani Howard, is designed to be playable by any combination of instruments: every performance will be slightly different, brought to life in different ways by musicians in different areas. The result will be a musical relay around the UK, with musicians making connections with young people in their area, before passing the baton to the next performance, showcasing the resilience and spirit of young people in every corner of the UK.


Follow #NYOLiftOff and join us as we explore music together.


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