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Watch hundreds of musicians playing 'Jigsaw' across the nation
NYO and NYO Inspire musicians from across the UK came together to share a live performance, played over Zoom and recorded in real time: here are the results

We are delighted to share the 15 performances recorded as part of NYO’s Lift Off & Lift Up project. In what was our biggest ever digital activity, musicians came together to launch the NYO year, spending an immersive day in creative workshops, webinars, and with instrumental tutors, before performing Jigsaw by composer Dani Howard.


The music was designed to be playable by any combination of instruments; the performances shared over the 15 individual group sessions are brought to life slightly differently by musicians from different regions of the UK, who met in regional groups before performing, live, on Zoom.


While listening to a backing track and watching a conductor, each musician recorded their performance and shared their video with us, so we could stitch all of them together to re-create the performance, as it happened, without any lag.


You can watch the performances from across the UK below.


February 13th Group A - Central London

February 13th Group B - Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & the British Isles


February 14th Group A - Central London & Saffron Walden


February 14th Group B - North London


February 15th Group B - Berkshire & Canterbury


February 16th Group A - Berkshire & South London


February 16th Group B - Liverpool


February 17th Group A - South London

February 18th Group A - Coventry


February 19th Group A - Gloucester


February 19th Group B - Birmingham


February 20th Group A - Gloucester (2)


February 20th Group B - Leeds


February 21st Group A - Exeter


February 21st Group B - Newcastle & the East Midlands


You can watch our 'megamix' of all the musicians playing across the country:


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