Welcome to our new website

Teenage musicians take centre stage as The National Youth Orchestra launches a new website with a bright new look. The website brings to life our Open Up strategy to engage thousands more teenagers.

You may notice things look a bit different at The National Youth Orchestra. In September, we launch our new website with a new look where teenage musicians take centre stage.

This brings to life our ambitious strategy to open the door for thousands of young people, with opportunities to play music together and play their part in the world.

We know that playing and sharing music helps young people develop confidence, optimism and the skills they need in life. Yet, many are locked out – without access to the opportunities they need to enjoy music together, and for music to shape their lives.

We have been championing teenage musicians and the power of orchestral music for over 75 years. During that time, the world has changed beyond measure for young people. In 2022, we launched our strategy, Open Up, setting out our bold ambition to work with many more teenagers, opening up opportunities to play and share orchestral music.

What's changed?

Like our strategy, our new look lets incredible teenage musicians take centre stage. You’ll see them in the images we use. You’ll learn about them in the stories and videos we share. And most importantly, you’ll see and hear their incredible passion and talents in the music they play.

What about the website?

Our website is used by thousands of teenagers, music teachers, parents and supporters each month. But our research showed that the information they needed wasn’t always easy to find. That’s why we’ve redesigned the website with:

  • A clear structure that’s easy to navigate for teenagers, supporters and audiences
  • More music and performances to enjoy
  • Stories from our incredible musicians
  • Rewritten information that’s clearer and easier to understand

Our website will continue to develop over the coming months with new content and resources, as we play our part in opening up orchestral music for teenagers across the UK.

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