Teenagers unite As One 

We’re inviting young people to connect and experience music together, As One.

We are launching As One to connect young people across the UK by inspiring them to pick up an instrument and play music together. The project will be brought to life by musicians from The National Youth Orchestra at schools, music hubs, across social media and in concert halls across the country.

As One celebrates ten years of NYO Inspire, a programme that has provided musical opportunities to thousands of young people who face barriers to making music a bigger part of their lives. In July, musicians from NYO Inspire will embark on a national schools tour for the first time.

In a groundbreaking moment and for the first time in our history, we will welcome aspiring musicians from across the UK, including 100 young people from NYO Inspire, to join the performance at this year’s BBC Proms on Saturday 10 August 2024. Together with conductor Tess Jackson, they will perform As One, which forms part of a new work by our Resident Artist, Dani Howard. 

We will work with local music hubs and schools to nominate teenagers to perform alongside NYO musicians at the BBC Proms. Members of the 160-person Orchestra will play their part sharing the joy of live performance at primary schools in their local community.

Alongside on-the-ground engagements, the NYO community will take to social media to bring a specially composed melody to life. The melody of the summer will be composed by Dani Howard. The NYO musicians will share their interpretations of the As One melody across TikTok and Instagram and invite other young people to pick up an instrument and play along, in their own unique way. Keep your eyes peeled for this as it comes to life across July.

I started my musical journey at my local music hub and my NYO journey with the Inspire programme, so I can’t wait to play in an orchestra that joins all this together. The idea of playing As One, is very much at the heart of what music is all about, and to be able to showcase that inclusivity and togetherness at the Proms is really exciting.
Double Bass

In a fitting finale to the summer of activity, The National Youth Orchestra and conductor Alexandre Bloch will perform at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on 7 August, at Saffron Hall in Essex on 9 August and finally at the BBC Proms in London on 10 August. The BBC Proms performance will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 and televised on BBC Four this season.

Tickets to performances in Manchester and Saffron Walden are Free for Teens.

Our community of teenage musicians is taking the lead by inspiring other young people to pick up an instrument and experience the joy of playing music together. They know firsthand all about the benefits musical experiences can have on their wellbeing, so they’re taking it upon themselves to share this with other young people. The sight of 250 young musicians playing As One at the Proms highlights the need for young people to connect through profoundly positive experiences in orchestral music.
Sarah Alexander OBE
CEO and Creative Director