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Join NYO musicians and share a joyful Beethoven performance on 17th April

Grab an instrument and play along with thousands of musicians across the UK in a heartfelt performance of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' dedicated to those who need it the most.


Every musician in NYO loves to spread musical joy, whether it's in a huge symphonic work from the concert platform, or a workshop to thousands of other teenagers in schools. 


And now, although we can't meet physically as an orchestra, we're inviting every musician in the UK to pick up their instruments and share a massed performance of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy', as a gesture of community and solidarity dedicated to the people in society who might be in need of a musical-pick-me-up: our hospital staff, supermarket workers, friends and family in isolation, and vulnerable members of society.


At 5pm on 17th April, NYO's 164 musicians will throw open their windows, get out on their doorstep, and share their own 40 second performance of the well-known piece. In the days before, they will all be meeting on a 'digital residency', where they will spend time playing together in small groups, creating multi-track videos, perfecting their practice techniques, and connecting with each other musically, as well as creating resources and guidance for everyone joining in with the Ode to Joy-a-thon at home. 


We want everyone to join in, so we'll be publishing the music for musicians who play at all levels, and coming up with ways for everyone to perform, whatever your instrument. We're also very delighted the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain will also be joining us - if you're a singer, please visit their website to download the vocal music! 


We'd love you to share your performance, not only physically, but also digitally, so we can share it as widely as possible. Capture your performance on video or snap some photos on your phone, and share using the hashtag #NYOdetoJoy, letting us know who you're dedicating your performance to.


You can find out more about what we'll be getting up to on our digital residency here.


Music resources are available in our Ode to Joy page.


NYO is a charity that means a lot to thousands of people across the UK, united by a love of music. We know music is more vital than ever before as we navigate this lockdown period, and our teenage musicians are so excited to rise to the challenge of sharing more music with you than ever before. If you feel able to support NYO financially to ensure we are able to continue sharing music more widely, and prepare for a joyful return to schools and concert halls around the country, we would be extremely grateful. Please donate to NYO here.

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