NYO Open event – Nottingham

Take part in a special side by side rehearsal with the Orchestra. Free for musicians aged 11-18. Open to all orchestral instruments, ability level grade 4 and beyond.
5 January 2024 @ 3.30pm
Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
England: Midlands
NYO Open Events

The National Youth Orchestra is coming to Nottingham. If you are a teenage musician and enjoy making music, then join us in a special side by side rehearsal with the Orchestra! You’ll be playing pieces from the NYO Ascent concert programme. This activity is completely FREE. Musicians aged 11-18 (KS3 or above), playing orchestral instruments at a Grade 4+ level are welcome to join us.

There will be a free sharing performance for friends and family to attend towards the end of the rehearsal to show what you have learned and achieved throughout the session.

Following this activity, we encourage you to stay and be among the audience to experience NYO Ascent at 7pm in the Royal Concert Hall. Tickets are Free for Teens. 

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