Current Supporters

Current Supporters

We would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their generous support.




The Murray Family

Sir Leonard & Lady Blavatnik
Eileen Buttle OBE
Mr & Mrs Ricardo Dorich
Sir Jan & Lady du Plessis
Alexander Graham
Steven Larcombe
& Sonya Leydecker
Jim & Carole Leng
Mrs P M McAlpine
Michael & Lynne McGowan
Mrs Penny Moore
Mr & Mrs Paul Morgan
Richard Shaw
John & Susan Singer
William de Winton
John & Pauline Tremlett 


Paul Allam
Julian Anderson
Leslie Berry
David Carrington
Hilary & Simon Carrington
Mary Cordall
Ann Hall (Taylor)
Peter Hibbert
John Ludlow 
Jeremy Poole
Ian Senior 
Roger Sirett
Professor Derek Smith 
Professor D.E. Young 

We also acknowledge a number of legacy supporters who wish to remain anonymous.


David Dutton & Mave Turner
Michael & Maria Fischer

SEAT SUPPORTERS                      

Anthony Albert
Paul Allam                                                  The Allam Sisters
Graham Carter
Simon Carrington
& Alastair Hume                       Jonathan Clowes                                 John & Diana de la Cour in memory of Betty Ashcroft
Mrs B. M. Edge, in memory of Patricia May and John Rossford Edge
Mrs J Fretwell 
Steven Goldring
Deborah Harkness                           Wyn Hart in memory of Gerald Brinnen
Charles Hastings                                Mary Iliff
Venetia Jennings
Ursula Jones 
J. and M. Kelly
Judith Line
Margaret Lloyd
Jonathan Lloyd-Jones, Independent Mediators Ltd.         Mrs Sheila Luebcka
The Reynolds Foundation
Nigel Long                                                  Mr Robert Maxey, in memory of Ken and Olive Maxey
The Martyn Ibbotson Fund
Mrs Monica Meeneghan in memory of Alwynne Hedley Griffiths
Susan Mitchell 

Pat & Gus Moore
Mrs Susan Morcombe
Rod Mullick
Julian & Caroline Nettel
David Richardson & Janet Hilton
John & Margaret Richards in memory of Elspeth Gibb Webb and Josephine Richards
The Rock Solid Trust
Steve and Jackie Street
Brian Turnbull
Andrew Tusa                                    Michael Twaddle
Michael Waldman
Professor Alastair Watson 

We also acknowledge a number of seats which are supported by anonymous donors.













CL & JS Cadbury Trust
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
GJW Turner Trust
Grumpy Givers
Misses Barrie Charitable Trust
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
The Alice Ellen Cooper-Dean Charitable Foundation
The Andor Charitable Trust
The Ashley Family Foundation Ltd.
The Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust
The Blavatnik Family Foundation
The Cecil King Memorial Foundation
​The Charles and Elsie Sykes Trust
The du Plessis Family Foundation
The Elmley Foundation
The Garrick Charitable Trust
The Golden Bottle Trust
The Guyll-Leng Charitable Trust
The Headley Trust
The Houghton Dunn Charitable Trust (Mrs Waterhouse Charitable Trust)
The HR Taylor Charitable Trust

The Ian MacTaggart Trust
The Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust
The Leverhulme Trust
The Mageni Trust
The Marie-Louise von Motesiczky​ Charitable Trust
The Millichope Foundation
The Murray Family
The Ofenheim Charitable Trust
The PF Charitable Trust
The Reynolds Foundation
The RVW Trust
The Saintbury Trust
The Salamander Charitable Trust
The Samuel Gardner Memorial Trust
The Steel Charitble Trust
The Thompson Family Charitable Trust

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