NYO Connections

This year, when our ability to meet face to face has been restricted, we’ve seen the true value of our connections with others. And while it’s more difficult to connect in a large group, we can still power up the relationships we can make with others in order to fuel our music-making. We want to peel back the layers of what makes an ‘orchestra’ and focus on connecting more deeply with others: with musicians who play different instruments from us, in different styles, who can offer us new ideas, challenge our perspectives, and fuel our creativity. That’s why, this winter, we are forging connections with artists and creatives from a wide range of art forms and genres, to help us think outside the box and see the music we love through new eyes.


We’ll be bottling some of this creativity and sharing the creative responses from the musicians in the new year, using the hashtag #NYOConnections. But it’s not a one-way street! We’re also hoping to use the power of creativity to connect with as many people as possible using our social channels, inviting you to take part in our duet challenge on TikTok, and sharing what we’ve learnt with you, so you can take it into your schools, music colleges, and your music making with others.


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