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   Peer Support

Part of what makes NYO special is that its musicians are teenagers: their youthful spirits give our performances their distinctive quality. But this brings with it the acute responsibility of ensuring that they all feel supported and safe.

Joining any big organisation can be daunting, but NYO is a friendly place, where NYO musicians look out for each other. Each year, roughly half will have played in the orchestra before, and we invite them to arrive at the first residency earlier, to help welcome newcomers as part of a Buddy Scheme. We have a Thinktank of representatives from each section of the orchestra, who make decisions about how NYO musicians live communally on residencies. Our Leader and Principal Players have dedicated training in supporting their peers.



I feel safe to try new ideas. I think this is because everyone is so open and considerate of each other.


Jody Smith






Our safeguarding policy

NYO is committed to maintaining an environment in which the welfare of our young musicians is paramount, and ensuring that they are protected from harm. Our Support Team are central figures at residencies, working to ensure a happy, calm environment. This group of around 12-14 caring, attentive individuals are available 24/7 to help with musicians concerns, whatever they may be. They are trained in listening, conflict resolution, health and wellbeing, and safeguarding. There is also a nurse present on residencies, who is available for medical advice and treatment whenever it is required.

Every adult that comes into contact with musicians of the orchestra, from the Support Team to Tutors and 

Conductors, are DBS checked and abide by our safeguarding policy, which establishes boundaries for relationships both in person and online. NYO Musicians are reminded regularly how important it is for them to feel comfortable and safe while they are on a residency. If anything were to occur that makes a musician feel uncomfortable, it must be reported to the Support Team Leader immediately so that action can be taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the young person.


If you have any questions about safeguarding and support at NYO, please contact





My NYO experience allowed me to take aspects of taking initiative and leadership back to the other youth orchestras that I play in.


Matthew Crooke


Support with school work

Teenagers and parents are often anxious that NYO's intensive activities will distract from the educational demands of exams. NYO is a big commitment through the year and it’s true that the focus of NYO is on rehearsals and preparing for performance, which takes up a lot of time. We recommend that young people start their school work and exam revision well in advance, and come to NYO on top of their work, so that they are not under pressure. We try to ensure that there is some opportunity during the Winter and 


 Spring Rehearsal Residencies for study and revision. We encourage members to think of their time in the orchestra as a chance to develop not only their musicianship but their teamwork, leadership qualities, research skills and approach to balancing different ambitions – all of which will be invaluable in their future studies and careers. NYO fosters a culture of excellence and concentration, which flows back into school work and the ability to tackle exams.

My outlook on life has changed - I’ve bucked up my act at school and started to work.


Rees Webster


Guidelines on Hearing Protection 

Protecting your hearing is very important especially when you are a musician. NYO is a large orchestra and therefore makes a big sound – this is very powerful and amazing to hear but we also need to be very careful to protect everyone’s hearing. NYO works hard to ensure that the rooms we perform and rehearse in are suitably sized rooms for our sound and size. 

We expect you to come to all NYO activity with the right musical equipment. This includes earplugs to ensure you don’t damage your hearing. By signing your NYO Agreement, you agree to take responsibility for your own ear protection having read and understood our guidelines.

For full details of our Hearing Protection Guidelines, please click here.

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