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NYO: Our Musical Planet - Join us in performing or remixing 'Jupiter'

Play, sing, remix, or create an ensemble performance: we want you to power up your musical community and showcase the incredible power of our musical planet.


While we can’t travel physically, a love of music is allowing us all to connect with others across time and space, and explore further than our own four walls - and we want you to join us!


At 5:00pm on 29 May, we are inviting you to take part in a live, socially distanced performance of 'Jupiter' from Holst's The Planets, celebrating the power of music to connect us across any distance.


NYO musicians past and present have created the tools you need to take part - whether you play an instrument or not:

• Play a solo performance by downloading the parts, sharing a window into your world live at 5:00pm on 29 May - you can do this from your doorstep, or further afield if it's safe to do so, in a performance that shows the spirit of your local area
• Remix the MP3s created by our teenage musicians: you can do this on any device, using any music production software, and share your creation at 5:00pm on 29 May
• Sing the 'Song of the Planet' with lyrics written by poet Probably Tomfoolery - the lyrics will be released on Instagram live on Thursday 21 May - and sing live at 5:00pm on 29 May
• Perform with others - at a distance! - by downloading parts in our five part arrangement, and play live at 5:00pm on 29 May

You can find all the information you'll need on our NYO: Our Musical Planet page.


We'd love you to film your performance, or release your remix, and share it with us using the hashtag #NYOMusicalPlanet

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