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On Friday 29 May we powered up our musical planet by inviting musicians around the world to take part in a socially distanced performance.  From Tipton to Toronto; Southend to Scunthorpe; thousands of musicians around the world played, sang, or remixed ‘Jupiter’ from Holst’s The Planets together at the exact same time. At 5.00pm BST, together we showed the incredible power of music to transcend borders, brighten our lives, and connect us across any distance. You can explore the overwhelming response by following the hashtag #NYOMusicalPlanet.






In the week leading up to the NYO Musical Planet, musicians in NYO and our NYO Inspire programme took part in a digital residency where we spent time connecting with leading conductors and musicians, creating multi-track videos, perfecting practice techniques, as well as creating resources and guidance for everyone joining in with #NYOMusicalPlanet. 


NYO is a charity, and we are doing our best to continue to be a musical community at this time, powered by incredible teenagers who are dedicated to inspiring others through music. We rely on fundraising for over 70% of our income; if you feel able to donate to help us keep playing, please click here.

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