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NYO mighty river - My experience as an NYO Inspire musician 
nyo inspire musician Eashan reflects on participating in nyo's summer digital residency

My name is Eashan and I am a 16-year-old trumpeter from Eastcote. My first involvement with NYO Inspire was when I was invited to participate in a three-day residency in Liverpool. This was extremely insightful as I was surrounded by trumpet players from all over the country such as myself but also supported by NYO musicians and two wonderful tutors. Shortly after the course, coronavirus impeded any physical activity, so instead I took part in another digital NYO Inspire Day in April, looking at Beethoven’s wonderful Ode to Joy, in which we recorded the piece and a wonderful multitrack was put together to showcase our work.


This summer, I was thrilled to participate in NYO’s Mighty River digital residency. I have truly enjoyed it and it is very hard for me to pick a highlight because it was all so informative. The webinars were extremely insightful, as a whole range of guests shared their experiences and their knowledge about not only Mighty River and how we as an orchestra can approach it, but also their own personal stories growing up and actions we can take to bring greater change that is so essential. Our sectional activities were more music focused as we learned about techniques and exercises that would help us develop our musicianship, and we also had a chance to play the lively and enjoyable Russian Rag as well as studying Errollyn Wallen’s Mighty River.


In tumultuous times like these, I believe music is essential in everyday life. For some, it can be a way to express yourself or somewhere to put your emotions and feelings, for others it’s a place to get lost where you do not have to think about the world and its many dilemmas, but for all it is something that connects us. We can speak through our music and others can hear us and respond and instantaneously a bond is formed, which grows into a community of people willing to listen to not only your music but also your thoughts and feelings deep down. For me, talking and playing with other teenage musicians like myself is refreshing and inspiring, which is why it is extremely important. It can initiate change, which is vital to our world today.


The most important thing I will be taking away from everyone in this residency, is to always have hope, never give up no matter what people say or do, and to always go for opportunities presented to you as you never know what will happen.



NYO is a charity, and we are doing our best to continue to be a musical community at this time, powered by incredible teenagers who are dedicated to inspiring others through music. We rely on fundraising for over 70% of our income; if you feel able to donate to help us keep playing, please click here.


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