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NYO Inspire Orchestra continues NYO's bold mission to give breakthrough experiences of orchestral music to teenagers everywhere.  It consists of a six-day residential course and a four day concert tour. Performances take place in secondary schools, where thousands of young people who currently enjoy few cultural opportunities will be given the chance to hear a full symphony orchestra perform live, many no doubt for the first time.


NYO invites musicians that we have already met at NYO Auditions, NYO Inspire Ensembles, and NYO Inspire Days to join NYO Inspire Orchestra - so make sure you sign up to one of those to give yourself a chance!


NYO has inspired so many people to do so many great things.

Find out what NYO Inspire Orchestra is all about.

What was NYO Inspire Orchestra like?

'Having only found out about NYO Inspire at the start of 2019, I felt very lucky to be part of the NYO Inspire Orchestra later in the year. It was amazing to meet so many like-minded and committed musicians, who were both part of NYO or NYO Inspire like me. It was so refreshing to play with so many dedicated people, and it’s fair to say all this passion was conveyed into the final performance. 

I think my favourite memory from NYO Inspire Orchestra could be taken from any of the sectional rehearsals, as they really encompass what I love about NYO Inspire, the focus on improving ourselves and our music-making while giving a good performance and having fun at the same time. There was a pleasant informality, which allowed even greater focus on improving musicianship in the group.

Inspire Orchestra has been a demanding, but rewarding and really fun experience. I was immediately up to the challenge (Bartòk ‘s Concerto for Orchestra was no mean feat), and I felt excited to meet up with friends I had made during my participation in the NYO Inspire Ensembles in February. 

The NYO Inspire Orchestra typically goes on a four-day tour at the end of its six-day residency, visiting schools, sharing music and giving workshops. I think this is where I learnt a lot about myself, as having to give workshops and share my knowledge with people who have had little contact with orchestral music, is something I’d never done before.


For me, it was undoubtedly the highlight of the residency. I hope that the atmosphere of encouragement and warmth I experienced at every NYO Inspire activity I took part in 2019, will encourage eligible young musicians to apply and share their love of music and its transformative power.'

Fraser Gilliat
NYO Inspire Orchestra


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