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NYO Inspire Orchestra continues NYO's bold mission to give breakthrough experiences of orchestral music to teenagers everywhere.  It consists of a six-day residential course and a four day concert tour. Performances take place in secondary schools, where thousands of young people who currently enjoy few cultural opportunities will be given the chance to hear a full symphony orchestra perform live, many no doubt for the first time.


NYO invites musicians that we have already met at NYO Auditions, NYO Inspire Ensembles, and NYO Inspire Days to join NYO Inspire Orchestra - so make sure you sign up to one of those to give yourself a chance!


See NYO Inspiration in Action

Find out what NYO Inspire Orchestra got up to at its annual residency in the West Midlands...

What was NYO Inspire Orchestra like?

When I got the email about NYO Inspire Orchestra, I rushed to reply back. Having had lots of fun and experienced great musicianship on the NYO Inspire String Ensemble Residency earlier, I was very excited to see what could be done on a longer course. And I was not disappointed. Every aspect of NYO Inspire Orchestra was incredible. The players, tutors, conductor Duncan Ward and staff were all inspiring, and I loved the repertoire that we got to play and share with the schools we visited. 

Sectionals were a particular highlight due to our double bass tutor, Roberto Carillo-Garcia, and the amazing other bassists in the section. In Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 1, there were many challenging parts that Roberto helped us to take apart. Being a great orchestral player and teacher, he gave us the best fingerings and helped us with our orchestral technique. It was very sad when we had to say goodbye.

On our third day we had chamber groups. At first I was rather worried about being the only bass player in the group. However it turned out to be a great opportunity to work closely with different players and learn from another string tutor Kyra Humphries. I learned about the other musicians’ take on how parts of the Shostakovich symphony should be played, which developed my further understanding of the piece. 

When I heard that we were going to be having a dance class, my immediate thought was to run and hide. However once I realised that it would involve Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ (so we just had to get funky), I was more than willing to give it a go. It turned out to be a real laugh and I must say that the bass section was definitely the best at dancing! 

NYO Inspire is a chance to spread the word about the joy of music and our tour to local schools and youth orchestras did just that. It was extremely rewarding to see young people get their fingers around trickier parts and smile after they could suddenly play something. I hope that we were inspiring because it would be fantastic if more young people were encouraged to experience and play great classical music. We are its future!

Thea Sayer
Double Bass
NYO Inspire Orchestra


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