NYO Continued Professional Development


Calling all music teachers, music professionals and music education hubs and services! Come and spend an immersive day with us on guiding teenage musicians in their orchestral playing.

You’ll have the opportunity to openly discuss ideas and develop your skills in nurturing young musicianship by observing our rehearsals, Tutors, and Conductors, and participating in our conducting workshops. It’ll also be a valuable opportunity for us to learn more about your work and see how we can support you year round.

How to Get Involved

Sign up here to reserve your free place in any of our year-long series of CPD opportunities outlined below.  There is no restriction on the number of activities you can sign up for. If there's space, we'll reserve a place for you!

NYO CPD Opportunities

NYO Inspire Day is an immersive one-day event of orchestral workshops and rehearsals, where NYO Inspire Musicians play side-by-side with NYO Musicians. Some of these days will include conducting workshops. 

24 Mar 2019   London
20 Jul 2019     Uppingham
22 Sep 2019   Sheffield

NYO Inspire Ensembles are 3-day residencies in orchestral family groups: Strings, Winds, Brass and Percussion, which take place at the University of Liverpool. NYO Inspire Musicians work on their musical technique, tackle challenging repertoire, and explore ensemble playing, led by NYO Musicians and Tutors. 

18 Feb 2019 (Strings & Brass)
21 Feb 2019 (Wind)
24 Feb 2019 (Strings, Brass & Percussion)

Zoe Martlew, NYO Cello Tutor

NYO Residencies focus on complex repertoire in preparation for our concert tours. These are the times when our full orchestra of 164 NYO Musicians come together, and dive into sectionals with NYO Tutors and rehearsals with our Rehearsal and Guest Conductors. 

30 Dec 2018    University of Warwick
6 Apr 2019        Haileybury College, Hertford
16 Jul 2019        Uppingham School

NYO Inspire Orchestra is made up of musicians that we have selected from NYO Inspire Ensembles and NYO Inspire Days. They meet for an in-depth residency before going on tour to secondary schools.

4 July 2019          Walsall

If you have any questions, contact us at s.ho@nyo.org.uk or 020 7759 1249.




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