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NYO's summer residency: sharing and celebrating a Mighty River of music 

On #BlackoutTuesday, music lovers across the world went silent, flooding social media with black squares to show support for racial justice and equality in the music industry and beyond. But, after the silence, a space has been forged: a space for listening, a space for learning, and a space for speaking out. Our community of young people want to educate themselves and raise their voices in support of racial equality, understanding there is work to be done, but knowing that as individual musicians playing their part in a collective orchestral whole, every person has the power and responsibility to make a difference. 


This summer, we are opening up the space for conversation, as NYO and NYO Inspire musicians prepare to take a deeper dive into music by Black composers, with the aim of exploring, learning and discovering music by a more diverse range of voices. 


As a musical starting point, we will rehearse and perform Mighty River by Belize-born British composer, Errollyn Wallen, a magnificent piece which explores the history of the slave trade in Britain, with spirituals and gospel music at its core. 


Alongside the musical learning, this piece will be the jumping off point for contextual discussions: we are taking the opportunity to educate ourselves, and the young people in our community, to be alive to a range of viewpoints and stories, and equip them with an understanding to foster a more equal way forward in the sector. Diversity in orchestral music is absolutely central to this generation of young people, the future they want, and the future they hope to forge together. 


We are immersing ourselves in a journey of learning, playing and sharing music by Black composers, from famous pieces to works neglected over time, as well as uncovering sources of information and inspiration which give context to the music we are playing. We will be inviting musicians across the world to share our journey by following and adding to the hashtag #NYOMightyRiver

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