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'Well, where to begin... I started as a young promoter when my teacher put me forward for the programme. He knew that I liked presenting and classical music and thought that there might be opportunities for both here. How right he was! Since becoming a young promoter, I have presented two concerts at school, two teen receptions, and worked with some amazing people. Tom Redmond, the NYO's presenter also works on radio, and working with him has broadened out my skill set and opened me up to new mediums of presenting. I have loved working with members of the NYO too, and learning how the life of a young musician differs from mine, but also what similarities there are; classical musicians really aren't so different from me after all. In terms of interviews, I have spoken to conductors, players, soloists and world renowned musicians, and more than anything I have enjoyed hearing what their lives can tell us about why we love the music that they play. New opportunities, new horizons, new friends. That has been my NYO journey and I have loved every minute of it.'



'One of my favourite NYO moments has got to be when I interviewed Sir Mark Elder. I loved talking to a man who has so much experience and so much to share, I just couldn't wait for people to hear his story. He was very generous with his time and I loved the way that Sir Mark took the trouble, and had the good humour to answer all my questions and just talk openly to me about his passion for music. Another highlight has been talking to the NYO musicians that have come into school. The workshops were great and just spending 10 minutes with them talking or over lunch really helped me to find some common ground and make some new friends, which I always love. Working with Tom Redmond has been great too, and I loved that he introduced me to a different type of presenting, sharing his classical music experience with me and giving me a good grounding in presenting it, should that be the way that I choose for my career to go.'



'The NYO has given me an experience that I take with me for the rest of my life. It's given me great local classical music contacts, it's given me something fab to write on the CV, and it's accommodated itself to my needs so that whatever I want to do is catered for. I have loved working with the NYO, and going forward I see that what I have learned and the people I have met were not only great at the time, but they will stand me in good stead for the future as well.'



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