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Being part of NYO was something I knew I always wanted to do; I especially wanted to join as a composer, as the composition section is unique to NYO and would allow me to write music for a whole symphony orchestra of exceptionally talented musicians my own age.  After applying I had to send off a portfolio of 3 of my own compositions, which would go through to the composers equivalent of the first round of auditions for players. In the first round, our portfolios were looked through by our composition tutors, Anna Meredith and Larry Goves, who would then select around 10 applicants to come to London for a second round audition. When I opened the email late last year inviting me to a second round audition in London I was elated!


I can remember the train journey to London for my audition, and feeling anxious knowing I would soon be sitting in front of Anna, Larry and Gerry Cornelius (NYO’s associate conductor, and someone who works closely with the composers), who would be quizzing me on the ins and outs of my own music. However, I needn’t have been so worried! I found the whole audition a really friendly, welcoming and positive experience. As composers, we were given some composition related questions before our audition time. These questions included things like “If you had to write a piece describing a crisp packet, how would you go about this?” and “If you had to invent an instrument, what would this be and what music could you write for it?” I really enjoyed this part of the audition as it allowed me to think really creatively, and it also allowed me to relax and really show my passion for composition to the tutors. For any aspiring composers out there I would definitely consider applying to NYO as for me it has been an amazing opportunity and has really allowed me to get to understand my own style of composition, in the company of 5 other very talented composers and 2 fantastic tutors.


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