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MY fIRst nyo rehearsal
FROM OUR winter RESIDENCY - lily frascina, horn

If you ask an NYO Musician, 'What's been your most memorable experience of NYO?', the answer will nearly always be, 'My first NYO rehearsal'. Before I joined NYO, I'd wondered why people found the NYO rehearsals so special. They didn't sound like they'd be that different from other rehearsals I’d been part of, but I got to experience the difference for myself on the very first day of the Winter Residency. 

My immediate impression of my first rehearsal was the vast numbers of players. It was hard to see from one side of the orchestra to the other! I'd never seen so many orchestral musicians and instruments together in one place at the same time. The whole room was filled with excitement and anticipation. 


NYO has a tradition of holding a two-minute silence before each rehearsal. The silence gives us time to focus our attention on what we’re about to do, and think about what we want to improve on or achieve in the rehearsal. So, after we tuned our instruments, the silence began, magnified by the incredible number of people all concentrating together, it was magical. 


Then we began to play and I was blown away by the power and force of all the sections combined. It was so satisfying to hear the music coming together after we'd worked hard on it in sectionals - so exciting to hear our own parts fitting into the whole orchestra.


My first rehearsal was a totally inspiring experience and, as an added bonus, I now have my own first memorable experience of being in NYO!

The NYO Winter Tour starts this weekend - Leeds Town Hall (Sat 2 Jan) and the Barbican, London (Sun 3 Jan). All concerts include £5 under 25s tickets in association with Classic FM - book here.

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