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'It's amazing to be a part of such a huge team working together, not just to make music to the highest quality, but to make an impact representing our generation!’  - Eleanor Walton, Viola, High Wycombe


164 teenagers, 164 unique stories, 164 different musical journeys from every corner of the UK. NYO 2016 is truly a national team of brilliant, committed, and passionate teenage musicians, hailing from Aberdeen to Bournemouth, from Cleethorpes to Truro, ready to make a difference in orchestral music. 

This year, our orchestra is nearly split in half between new and returning musicians - 82 brand-new NYO musicians are joining 81 former ones. The average age is 16 and we have 76 female to 87 male musicians. Some exciting new developments -18 came to the orchestra through NYO Inspire and almost half of the bassoon section is from Scotland. 

You can meet all 164 of them on our webpage and discover why they’re committed to orchestral music and why they're thankful to their teachers. Learn about what orchestral piece are they dying to play, or which living or dead musician would they collaborate with if they had the chance. 

And in typical NYO spirit, they sure are excited for this year - here’s what being in NYO means to them and what they’re looking forward to:

'It's better than Christmas!' 
Estella Browne, Horn, Devon

'For me, NYO is an identity; something which not only shows my commitment but defines me as a person.’

Alex Grinyer, Horn, Buckingham

‘It’s a dream come true. I am so excited to be part of such a dynamic orchestra and to be able to show that teenagers can tackle challenging repertoire with such moving results.’
Hannah Gillingham, Flute, Oxford

‘I can’t wait to be part of an XXL team and hear the enormous sound we create dwarf everything else.'
Lucy Gibson, Bassoon, Glasgow

‘Since I was little, I've always wanted to play Jupiter from The Planets. The fact that we will be playing this suite this year makes me so happy- I can't wait.’
Giulia da Cruz, Cello, London

‘What I look forward to most about NYO is the opportunity to be completely immersed in classical music!’
Adam Mombru, Clarinet, London



For more information, check out our press release here.

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