Cheer on a young musician this year


With the help of music-lovers like you, sticking with teenage musicians through the pandemic, we’ve discovered that having to use technology to connect with each other has been brilliant.



Many teenagers have had no one to play with as schools have stopped or reduced music, some long before the pandemic. But through NYO online events and workshops, these young people have explored incredible music together and have given each other tips and encouragement that have propelled them all onwards together.




‘It was so creative! Creating our own music from scratch was fresh. Who knew we were capable of that? It was so amazing.’ – Annie, 17,  NYO Cello


With your help, we will bring thrilling experiences to many more young musicians, helping them develop to become all they can be, whatever their background. A donation to NYO will allow us to continue to enrich the musical lives of teenagers across the UK by continuing our new series of online clubs, workshops, instrumental sessions and webinars, in addition to all of the live activities we are so excited about restarting again this year as life opens up.


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