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#iwill week 2018
NYO YOung promoter hannah tells us about her experiences with nyo


NYO Young Promoter, Hannah, shares her story about her time volunteering for her school to promote NYO projects in support of #iwill week 2018 - celebrating the power and potential of youth social action.


"As an NYO Young Promoter I was able to develop my own skills, meet new people from all different walks of life, improve my future prospects and see Britain’s future classical music stars. My school has changed since seeing the NYO perform, as have I.


Thanks to the workshops that NYO put on for us, many of the children in school have now taken up a classical instrument, and have been on trips together outside of school to see NYO and other classical orchestras perform. As presenter of NYO’s school performance, I personally have been able to develop my compèring and interpersonal skills whilst working alongside a top class orchestra. I have had the opportunity to meet new friends in the NYO, and the work will look fantastic on my CV.


The people I met whilst working with the NYO have led to other opportunities to see classical music in action, spending time looking at how concerts are recorded for radio and presented outside of school to help supplement my work and help me attain my future career goals. My work with NYO, and the work it has led to with other classical music venues has been revolutionary. I have new friends, new opportunities, and a whole new appreciation of classical music as, now being able to see it from all angles, playing, producing, watching and listening, I have been able to deepen a love for the subject that will never leave me. I will continue my love of classical music in the future and a lot of that is thanks to the work of the NYO."


Watch NYO musicians and NYO Young Promoters share their stories in our #iwill 2018 video:


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