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Introducing NYO 2020: the 21st Century orchestra​

The world's greatest orchestra of teenagers has regenerated for another year! We are so excited to introduce NYO 2020, made up of 164 of the UK's most dedicated musicians, all born this side of the 21st Century.​


These totally brilliant and committed teenagers are ready for a year of making music at the highest level, coming together throughout the year to share their passion for orchestral music with fellow teenagers in the concert hall, in schools around the country, and with millions more via TV and radio broadcasts. If you'd like to see where we're performing throughout the year and book tickets for our performances, you can do so here.


At NYO, we believe being a '21st Century orchestra' is more than just being born this side of the turn of the millennium: it means being relevant to 21st Century audiences, and representative of modern society. This is why we are very proud that once again the number of musicians who have joined NYO through NYO Inspire, our game-changing inclusive and access programme which increases diversity in the orchestral sector and provides breakthrough musical experiences for musicians in state schools, is bigger than ever: a total of 66 musicians have come through NYO Inspire to be part of NYO 2020.​


But who better to give you a flavour of NYO 2020 than the musicians themselves? We'll leave it to them to share their wisdom, and what they're most excited about this year - you can read more of their inspirational nuggets on their individual profile pages


'Music is an incredibly powerful force that can make profound change for the better, and if we can inspire other teenagers to be their best through music, that's a step in the right direction for all of us!' - Chloe, NYO violin​


'It means so much to me to be a part of NYO 2020! I am very much looking forward to meeting all the other musicians, creating beautiful music together and bringing orchestral music to teenagers around the country.' - Ines, NYO violin​


'I'm really overwhelmed by being in NYO! It means the world to me and it is a huge honour. Its a phenomenal experience to be sitting in such an incredible orchestra when there is the same passion and love for music surrounding and engulfing you.' - Stephen, NYO double bass​


'Having the enthusiasm to make music with others and a commitment to uplifting my own musical experiences is a very exciting aspect of being an NYO musician. I am very inspired by NYO's attention to the well being of the musicians, and how that relates to the music-making process.' - Gisela, NYO clarinet


NYO 2020 in numbers:

164 totally teenage orchestral musicians, born since the year 2000, from every UK region​

55% female musicians, 45% male musicians​

54% female musicians in leadership positions across the orchestra​

66 musicians have come through NYO Inspire​

51% of the orchestra are state-educated or home-schooled​

17% are at a specialist music school​

24% are musicians from a Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) background​

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