Why a young musician needs you



Support a teenage musician playing the music you love

If orchestral music has the been backdrop to your life, and you would like young people to be able to hear the music you love, and to play it and love it like you do, NYO can help you. We hope you will really enjoy it too. Too many talented cellists, flautists, percussionists… classical instrumentalists… are now without opportunities at school to play in an orchestra, left playing on their own to their teacher, parents, and their bedroom wallpaper, as this wonderful music dries up in many state schools.
Your support can provide a ladder of opportunities for immersing young musicians in the soaring experience of playing in a high-level orchestra for the first time, and ignite a life-long love for the music you love.
£100 could open a young musician’s ear to orchestral music at an NYO Inspire workshop in their area.
£10 a month could cover the cost of a thrilling day on an NYO Inspire residency for a teenage musician.

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Support a Seat in NYO

At the very peak of NYO are 164 committed musicians who have won a place in what The Times calls ‘the world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers’. 
Over a third of these exceptional young people need financial help take up the seat in NYO that they have practised so hard for. Through NYO, you can help give one young musician world-class tutoring, the experience of playing in renowned concert halls, the confidence to go out and share orchestral music where they live and the opportunity to share their love of music with teenagers all around the UK. 
• £1,200 or £100 a month enables a young musician to take up their seat in NYO.

‘It’s not usual to play this kind of music or do things at a national level for people from a background like mine. When I said to my parents I was going to try for a place in NYO, they said they were sorry but they couldn’t afford it. I still auditioned though! And I got in. And some very kind people I’ve never met came to my rescue with the financial help I needed. I’ve written postcards to them. This is a really big deal for me.’

Callum, tuba, NYO

We will be sharing our music with you

Many world-class orchestras have sought out musicians who were pushed to be all they could be in NYO. In this way, by supporting a teenage musician through NYO, you will be helping to shape the future of the music you love, and we look forward to sharing their wonderful music-making with you – live, and at home thanks to the internet.
You will also be helping us to take this extraordinary music out into our neighbourhoods and schools so that more young people, who may never have heard live, high-quality orchestral music get to hear it, fall in love with it as you have, and feel inspired to search out more of it.


You would be very welcome at one of our open rehearsals, so that you can see what your support is making possible, and at one of our special evenings over the internet, where you have the chance to ask teenage musicians about the challenges they face and what NYO has given them.


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