Catch a musician before they fall

We are risking losing many talented young musicians who are falling behind due to the pandemic and may never recover without help. Many state schools were already struggling to provide orchestral music education before Covid-19, and now many teenagers are without any meaningful opportunities to play with others, and keep progressing. So we are launching a booster package of emergency musical initiatives for 2021 to help around 1,000 young musicians recover from the holes the pandemic has punched in their musical development.

If you would like to give a talented musician a critical boost, here is how we could use your donation.





Small ensembles in 20 regions
We will be going out across the country to give around 1,000 musicians who have reached Grades 6-8 & above the chance to play with others in small ensembles.

£12 could help boost a teenage musician’s
spirits and playing.

Skills residency
An online skills residency in April will be
open to everyone in NYO Inspire, and
Grade 8 musicians hoping to audition for
NYO next year.

£60 could help give a young musician
some high-level tutoring.

NYO Inspire Ensembles
Talented musicians from state schools flood to NYO Inspire residential ensembles every year, hungry to play at a higher level than they can where they live or at school.

£605 could give a young musician a free place that could change their life.

Getting NYO back together on stage
We’re hoping for the ‘world’s greatest
orchestra of teenagers’ to come together in April for a short residency behind closed doors and a concert in August. What a day that will be!

£25 could help pay for an NYO musician’s food and travel for that first great concert 


To be prepared for all eventualities, we have also created a lively and robust back-up plan, for switching the planned in-person musical activities to digital if we need to.

Thank you very much on behalf of a teenage orchestral
musician trying so hard to keep going.


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