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Hannah Allaway, harpist, on our First rehearsal with john wilson 


John Wilson's first day of the residency with the orchestra was unforgettable. That same day was also the last day with our tutor who had coached and supported us along the way. It meant now it was up to us to put everything we had learned in the past few days in practise!

First rehearsals with new conductors are always completely unique and, of course, John was no exception! One of the things that I really love about being an NYO Musician is that one of the many incredible opportunities we get is sitting as a part of the orchestra and hearing (and playing of course!) as the conductor pulls the pieces apart and then puts them back together again - by the time John's given his input on a section the difference can really be heard! It's crazy that we've only been rehearsing for a few days yet today we've played so much more like a close-knit orchestra than at any other point this week!

I've never had the chance to work with John before but I find him really great. The first time we ran the beginning of the Elgar with him, it went from being a piece that sounded good to being something really amazing with a ton of emotions poured into it. It's definitely been my musical highlight of the week!

The concert tour starts tomorrow...eek! I'm really looking forward to seeing how amazing everything's going to sound in the concerts!

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