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The excerpts are a central and vital part of your audition. We recommend you prepare very well indeed and look at them well in advance of your audition. We include them on the website from when applications open that you have plenty of time to look at them. Excerpts are chosen so that you can demonstrate your understanding of orchestral musicianship in demanding repertoire and in a musical context. They enable the audition panel to establish how players of differing standards and address the technical and musical challenges in the same repertoire. Please pay very careful and thorough attention to all of the musical details of the excerpts (including tempo and markings).



All excerpts can be downloaded via the links below. Download, prepare and practise...


Top Tips from Tutors

Check out the links below to find tips from NYO's Tutors on how best to prepare your excerpts.


How to prepare...

Download our document featuring information on how to prepare your excerpts.


Tips for preparing excerpts



  • We suggest that you listen to multiple performances of the excerpts and take them to your teachers, just as you would your pieces.
  • There are lots of different recordings and they are really easy to find on Youtube, Spotify etc.
  • You should research and understand the orchestral context of the excerpts - you could even listen to other pieces from the same composer to widen your knowledge of their work and their style.
  • We have helpful videos from our tutors on how best to prepare your excerpts below...
Tip from our tutors

Top Tips from Our Tutors


  We want you to shine...enjoy the  experience...and witness your enthusiasm for music


Trumpet Tutorial

Helpful pointers from NYO musician Zoë and tutor John to prepare for your audition.




Trombone Tutorial

Helpful pointers from NYO musician Sam and tutor Peter to prepare for your audition.

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