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Duet with us! NYO is now on TikTok

At the moment, it’s difficult for NYO to perform together as an orchestra in a large group, and a lot of the time we meet together as faces on a Zoom screen. And although we can’t play together physically, we’re working out new ways to share performance with each other, and to meet new people. That’s why, this January, we are launching our TikTok channel as a way for our musicians to play and perform with other people, inviting duets from musicians and creatives across the world. 


We want to share this spirit of collaboration, and encourage anyone who would like to duet with us to search for nyo_gb on TikTok. We want to inspire creativity in everyone who comes across our channel, whether you consider yourself to be an ‘orchestral’ musician or not: we also want to see how other artists might build on what we have created and take it in new and unexpected directions.


Please use the hashtag #NYOConnections and let your creativity loose!

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