No Young Musician Left Behind

Reach out and help an isolated young musician today

Please help young musicians who have fallen behind and are struggling to keep going with their music. With your help today, we will double the number of NYO Inspire Days across the UK to reach out to as many isolated teenagers as we can.


During the past 18 months we have witnessed so many talented, dedicated young orchestral musicians struggle with lost time. 


We are going out to find these young musicians and put on all kinds of NYO Inspire activities close to where they live, to draw them into our musical community, with the help of the musicians in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. We are determined that no teenager who needs the opportunity and wants to progress in orchestral music will be left behind.



My Grade 8 exam was cancelled twice during the pandemic. I know that playing with NYO Inspire will help young musicians feel at home again in orchestral music.’ – Lucy, 13,  Violin


‘I live in a wee village on the Dumfries and Galloway coast. There aren’t a lot of people to play music with at my school… it really matters that NYO Inspire is free – it’s what makes it possible for me to go.’ –
Tom, 15, Bassoon


A donation to NYO today will help give a young musician out there a ‘lightbulb moment’ at a free NYO Inspire Day close to where they live. Or it could help a teenager from a more remote area with the cost of travel to a life-changing NYO Inspire activity.



You can join us on our mission to rescue our young musicians and give them the inspiration they need to raise their sights again and get them playing orchestral music once more.

Thank you.

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