On Friday 29 May we powered up our musical planet by inviting musicians around the world to take part in a socially distanced performance.  From Tipton to Toronto; Southend to Scunthorpe; thousands of musicians around the world played, sang, or remixed ‘Jupiter’ from Holst’s The Planets together at the exact same time. At 5.00pm BST, together we showed the incredible power of music to transcend borders, brighten our lives, and connect us across any distance. You can explore the overwhelming response by following the hashtag #NYOMusicalPlanet.
NYO is a charity, and we are doing our best to continue to be a musical community at this time, powered by incredible teenagers who are dedicated to inspiring others through music. We rely on fundraising for over 70% of our income; if you feel able to donate to help us keep playing, please click here.



While we can’t travel physically, a love of music is allowing us all to connect with others across time and space, and explore further than our own four walls - and we want you to join us!
If we were able to hear as we looked down on the earth from space, we would be blown away by the diversity and richness of our incredible musical planet. And as we zoom in closer, we know this planet is powered by all the billions of musical citizens, creating their own music that lights up their local community, before radiating outwards to create musical towns, musical cities, and musical communities that transcend borders.
That’s why we are asking you to power up our musical universe by igniting the relationships you can make closer to home, and creating the local connections that make up our musical planet: at 5:00pm on 29 May, we are inviting you to take part in a live, socially distanced performance of 'Jupiter' from Holst's The Planets, celebrating the power of music to connect us across any distance.

NYO musicians past and present have created the tools you need to take part - whether you play an instrument or not:

•  Download the music and play a solo performance live at 5:00pm on 29 May: if you can, play this live to someone in your community
•  Remix the MP3s created by our teenage musicians: you can do this on any device, using any music production software, and share your creation at 5:00pm on 29 May
•  Sing the 'Song of the Planet' live at 5:00pm, with lyrics written by poet Probably Tomfoolery
•  Perform with others - at a distance! - by downloading parts in our five part arrangement, and play live at 5pm on 29 May.


We will be performing at 5:00pm BST in a socially distanced performance, from our different locations across the world. We are asking everyone to play at the same time to family or local audiences, and feel connected to others, even though we cannot see or hear each other.

We are asking everyone who performs to share a video using the hashtag #NYOMusicalPlanet so we can share and delight in the wide range of performances from across the world, but we have no plans to make a multi-tracked version of this: we just want you to see and hear each others' creativity from across our musical planet.



We’ve arranged the music so you can take part on any instrument that you are able to play, not just those that feature in the orchestra. Each part is suitable to certain instruments – you can find your most appropriate part here:

Violin, Flute, Oboe, Soprano Recorder: Instruments in C Treble Clef

Viola: Instruments in C Alto Clef

Cello, Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba: Instruments in C Bass Clef

Clarinet, Trumpet, Cornet, Euphonium, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone: Instruments in Bb

Alto Saxophone, Baritone, Saxophone: Instruments in Eb

French Horn: Instruments in F



Get access to the orchestral sounds and remix Jupiter.

Download here.


For instructions and advice from composer
Lizzy Gur, click here.




We have changed the key of the song so it is easier to sing for a larger number of singers; if you would like to sing it with other instrumentalists, you will all need to be singing in the same key: you may wish to ask any instrumentalists you are performing with to play from this vocal music.


If you have a musical family, or would like to play an arrangement with four other players, the parts are here. Please note, the tune is passed between the five different musical lines so unless you have five musicians playing you may need to get creative to make sure there is always someone playing the tune! You are also welcome to make your own arrangements of the music, we would love to hear them.

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