Our Vision

The vision of NYO is to be the most inspirational orchestra for young people in the UK.


This vision begins and ends with an unshakeable belief in the limitless potential of Britain's teenage musicians. NYO exists in order to make this potential a reality. Here are some of the principles that guide our creative practice:

NYO is a performance organisation.

While many great orchestral musicians, conductors and composers have benefited from the unique orchestral training given by NYO, our number-one goal is to give thrilling orchestral performances.

Great orchestral performances rest on a foundation of technical excellence.

NYO recruits young musicians who have already achieved the very highest degree of technical facility on their instruments.

Excellence in orchestral performance is rooted in ensemble awareness. Activities that promote listening and communication between musicians are at the heart of our musical preparation.

Ensemble awareness is deepened by a strong community ethos.

Making the commitment to working together in pursuit of common goals and a shared passion for orchestral music is an essential part of NYO membership.

Young musicians grow when they share what they have learned with others.

The unmatched skill of NYO's world-class team of tutors is complemented by peer learning and teaching, leadership training and peer problem-solving sessions. Our Inspire programme recognises the unique ability NYO members have to inspire other young musicians.

Every great orchestra has a unique character that must be expressed in its musical performances.

Careful choice of repertoire, an openness to new music, cross-arts collaborations with other teenage performers, and activities that deepen teenage players' understanding of the repertoire all contribute to give NYO its inimitable quality as an orchestra.

As a living part of our culture, the art of orchestral performance must evolve.

In 1948, at a time when aspiring young orchestral players were seen and not heard, Dame Ruth Railton broke new ground by insisting that Britain's teenage musicians should be taken seriously as performers. It is an essential part of the vision of NYO that we continue this tradition of successful innovation, pushing the boundaries of orchestral practice, developing new audiences and making a positive contribution to the future of the art form.


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