How to apply

How to apply


Applications for NYO 2023 are now closed. Read on for more information on our audition process each year.  



Most instruments have two rounds of auditions. Those taking part in first round need to submit a video audition. Final and single round auditions take place at an in-person assessment day.   


Video audition (first round) 

At first round you are invited to submit a video: this includes performing solo piece(s) and orchestral excerpts. The deadline for your video audition  submission for NYO 2023 is 20.30 on Sunday 12 June 2022.  


Musicians who do not need to submit a video audition include: 

  • Double bass

  • Tuba 

  • Percussion  

  • Harp  

  • All NYO 2022 musicians 


Assessment days (final & single round)  

Our final round assessment days are designed to help showcase who you are as a musician, and as a young person who loves music, in the best possible environment. Our assessment days aim to encourage you in performing with your peers, playing music at a high level, and showing what music means to you. We want you to not only audition for NYO but also take away a fulfilling music-making experience.  


Final round assessment days for NYO 2023 run 09.30-18.00 and take place 1-14 September 2022 (we will release specific instruments’ dates in due course).  


Supporting you throughout the audition process  

Preparing for an audition can be a daunting prospect. We want to give candidates as much support as we can with your audition preparation so that you can give your very best performance. Here we’ve detailed what will happen between April – September so that you know what to expect:


Open Evenings  

We have hosted two open evenings, which invited all applicants to webinar discussions with the NYO team, tutors, and NYO musicians and alumni. To recieve a link to view the open evenings email In these discussions you can hear some insights into the application and audition process, get a flavour of what an NYO experience is and get tips on how to successfully prepare your excerpts. 


Audition Preparation  

Those candidates who are invited to final round assessment days will get the chance again to digitally meet the NYO team, NYO tutors, alumni and current NYO musicians over the summer holidays. A more in-depth webinar will give further insights into what we are looking for at the final round of recruitment, ideas on how to take your first round performance and build on it and tips on how to manage practice and preparation over the summer holidays. 


NYO Coaching   

All final round candidates who are eligible for NYO Inspire can apply for a digital individual NYO coaching session. This is funded by NYO Inspire and will be designed to give you tips preparing for your audition over the summer holiday.   


Assessment Day   

We know that nerves play a part of preparing for auditions so we’ll ensure that you have plenty of time to warm up and get fully prepared for the solo audition part of the day. We also know that gathering with others can be daunting, so we’ll also be making sure each person feels welcomed, relaxed and supported throughout. If you have any concerns or worries about the day then please feel free to email us at  


Travel and Accommodation Bursaries 

NYO is committed to ensuring that there are no financial barriers to taking part in any of our activity, including to assessment days. Travel and accommodation bursaries are available for those who need to travel longer distances to attend. Full details of how to apply will be made available to candidates invited to assessment days.  


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